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Education. Change the Debate.

Before bashing the teacher’s union or school budgets, let’s consider the existing model.

I wrote about it at What the Hell’s Going On?Read more!

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Model of Education

I like talking with my barber, Felicia. While she makes quick work on my hair, she gives me spanish to practice. Last week, I had no time for espanol. While Felicia cut, I read. I couldn’t take my eyes away from an article on transforming education in the 3rd world. For the last few days, my mind keeps asking: what’s the applicability to our schools?

Even if we know the truth, … Read more!

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Playing in the Mud. It’s just the start of it.

“If no pediatrician would deny that the healthiest adults spent their childhood rolling around in dirt, why obsess over keeping kids squeaky clean?”*

Learning happens in exploratory play. And it’s been going on for tens of thousands of years. It’s different than organized play. It’s play where kids have time to wander, to make up games, to use their imagination and to fall in love with the world around them.

So, what holds us back … Read more!

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Time to Take Play Seriously: A Little Perspective

I note the calendar (it says ‘September’) and watch the sun set (earlier each day), yet I refuse to acknowledge what we know to be true: summer’s end is fast approaching. For me, summer represents the best of childhood: long days without schedules, mostly playing outside. So, while school may be back in session, let’s hope administrators understand what we know: outdoor play time is critical for healthy childhood development.

Why? For the vast majority … Read more!

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The George Jones Memorial Farm grows real food!

Last week I headed east for a wedding in Long Island. Needing an excuse to spend more time in NY, I scheduled a few school visits. While the schools were neat and the wedding a fantastic party, the highlight may have been a stop en route – Oberlin College in Ohio.

Not only did I get to see one of my heros, educator David Orr, and tour one of the highest performing buildings ever built, … Read more!

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