N is for Nature: The Environmental Alphabet

“What a delightful alphabet book. The illustrations are wonderful; the W is for Wetlands page is my favorite.”
–Donald Hey, Ph.D., President, The Wetlands Initiative

“Unique, clever…N is for Nature captivates our children.”
–Sarah Elizabeth Ippel, Founder, Academy for Global Citizenship

“From A to Z, this lovely picture book is a great way for children to learn the alphabet and develop an interest in, and a connection to, the natural world. N is for Nature offers a fun, engaging and enjoyable way for parents to introduce their children to nature.”
–Sophia Siskel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Chicago Botanic Garden

“Simple, fun and educational…This one is definitely a keeper.”
–Tiffany Washko, “Nature Mom” of

“The illustrations are gorgeous!”
–Anna M. Lewis of Books, Toys, etc.

“Talk about getting your kids off on the right foot- introducing kids to the environment in a way that helps them learn the alphabet. Brilliant!”
–Kate Cushman, 1st grade teacher, Carlthorp School, Santa Monica, CA

An Environmental Guide from A to Z

An Environmental Guide is the perfect book for children to see the wide spectrum of nature. It will help fill a void in our curriculum.”
–Dena Kelly, 3nd grade teacher, Chicago Public Schools, Seward Academy

“This Environmental Guide ought to be required reading. It’s perfect for opening eyes and minds to a better way of living—all possible when we engage with nature. Well done.”
–L. Hunter Lovins, President & Founder, Natural Capitalism, Inc.

“An important read…It’s the world we need, letter by letter.”
–Bill McKibben, Author, Educator, Environmentalist and Founder

“An inspiring collection of ideas, concepts, people and places that describe the diversity of life and our connection to the natural world.”
–Andres R. Edwards, Author, The Sustainability Revolution

“Informative and enjoyable at the same time. An Environmental Guide will be a great addition to any library.”
–The HappyNappy Bookseller

Earl the Earthworm Digs for His Life

“An entertaining book for the child being read to and for the adult doing the reading, each learning at their level as they read together, each feeling Earl’s struggle and delighting as he struggles his place in the world. Earl the Earthworm is a delightful read that brings young and old alike a little closer to the interconnection and fecundity of life. A must-read!” –The Green Mama

“Earl the Earthworm Digs for His Life is a beautiful resource for teachers and parents who want to share the natural world with children. The delightful story and captivating illustrations appeal to children of all ages while the sub-text provides meaningful information about the natural world for the adult who wants to broaden their knowledge, including how to compost with worms.”
–Vicki L. Stoecklin, M.S. Ed, Education & Child Development Director, White Hutchinson Learning Group