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What the Hell’s Going On?

When I began this journey (Environmental Education), I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I figured, if we get kids outside to play and to learn about how nature works, we’ll improve our health and accelerate the transition towards an economy where our species ‘fits in.’ Now, years later, after reading everything I could get my hands on, loads of heated debate and time in hundreds of classrooms with thousands of kids, I know a … Read more!

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The Lorax and Democracy

So much craziness happening, what’s a kid to think? If it’s not homework and grades, maybe they worry about their appearance and material wants. If it’s not enough free time, perhaps it’s too many hours plugged in—to the TV, computer or iPod. Sure, every generation has had it’s share of stresses and challenges, but what if students pay attention and think critically about the bigger picture? From growing inequality and lack of political leadership to … Read more!

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The Goodness of Green: dirt and sunshine just what the doctor ordered

After months of studying parenting magazines and agonizing over the perfect name, months of wondering what color her hair will be or if she’ll have dimples, of daydreaming ahead to her enrollment at an ivy-league school or reception of the Nobel Peace Prize, when the big day comes and our baby finally makes her entrance into the world we are thrilled with the utterly simple: ten fingers, ten toes, and the realization that all that … Read more!

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