What the Hell’s Going On?

When I began this journey (Environmental Education), I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I figured, if we get kids outside to play and to learn about how nature works, we’ll improve our health and accelerate the transition towards an economy where our species ‘fits in.’ Now, years later, after reading everything I could get my hands on, loads of heated debate and time in hundreds of classrooms with thousands of kids, I know a little.

Even amongst a diverse audience you can get people to agree on two things:
1.Civilization faces big, unprecedented challenges.
2.Our education system must do better.

From there, the disagreements begin. We can’t agree on what the biggest threats to civilization are, let alone muster a collaborative response. So, at best, we stumble towards sustainability. Meanwhile, in education, the efforts are around reforming the current system without considering the system was created a couple hundred years ago when the world looked different and the needs were different.

And this is where I’ve been spending much of my time: curious as hell and trying to make sense of the complexity, the connections, the chaos and what’s possible. For example, we know that the industrial model of education, where kids are commodities with heads to fill up with information, is misguided. We know kids are born to learn and our role ought to be to set up the conditions for learning to happen, yet the existing system puts up roadblocks from making that happen.

From education to food, energy, water, healthcare, business and government, the world is confusing. To that end, I’ve embarked on a project to make the complex understandable. Initial ‘slide show stories’ can be found here: What the Hell’s Going On?

If you have ideas on the project, shoot me an email at tim(at)greensugar(dot)org

Love & Peas,

P.S. I have an ‘introduction’ in the works, as well as several ‘stories’ on education

P.S. A video of a recent talk/show I gave to a group of graduate students in Chicago. It’s focused on food.

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