Another Food Blog – Who has the Time?

2012 is the year I’ll spend less time plugged in and more time outdoors. After too many hours cooped up indoors, I walk outside and my mind says, “what took you so long?” So, I often hesitate recommending visiting yet another website. That said, the trick is to find the sources that save you from spending time on other sites. Is the content engaging, valuable, diverse and concise?

With that in mind, I find myself repeatedly pulled to Mrs. Q’s Fed Up with Lunch blog. True, I hadn’t read it before being asked to post a guest blog, see here, there are plenty of food blogs and I’m biased towards the subjects of food/kids, but Mrs. Q’s blog covers the gamut, and covers it well. She’s a Chicago Public School Teacher that ate school lunch every day last year and blogs about the experience. Mrs. Q’s great at bringing attention to the injustice of the food system, while sharing stories of those sowing the seeds of change. And she’s always concise.

Love & Peas, Tim.

P.S. Here I am recommending more time on the computer: a Chicago Tribune article on our urban agriculturalist Seneca Kern. Seneca, thanks for the signature.

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  1. Mrs Q says:

    Thanks so much!! It was great to meet you and also to have you guest blog. Let me know if there’s anything you need!

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