A Story of Two Farms

harvest day at gray farms in donovan, ilFarm A: 1000 acres of corn and soybeans managed by one part-time farmer (with help from lots of subsidized oil, chemicals and a couple big machines). The harvested crops feed livestock, cars and food processing centers. The farm poisons the water, erodes the soil and pollutes the air. The fraction of their crop that enters our bodies as ‘cheap’ corn-fed meat and junk food makes us sick and raises healthcare costs.  And this farmer gets a check (plus insurance subsidies) every year from taxpayers.
Farm B: 4 acres worth of fruit and vegetables. It requires 4 farmers with knowledge acquired over time. With more than 100 types of plants, the farm is diverse and the system is complex. The farm needs no chemicals and little oil. Over time, they enrich and build soil. Connecting with neighbors and customers, they create community. Their food tastes great and nourishes our bodies.

Which farm do you support? Who are your elected officials supporting? Which is better for our kids? Can your family know your farmers?

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