Playtime – not just for kids

Often, I have a difficult time relaxing. Thinking it will make me feel like I’m being productive, I cram too much on my calendar and don’t take breaks. As it turns out, when I’m running around like a chicken with his head cut off, I never work at 100% efficiency. Nor is it much fun. So, I took a few minutes to re- read parts of Dr. Stuart Brown’s Play to be reminded purposeless fun can be good for me (in addition to kids). I won’t pretend to know how brains function, but love this line:

“Play lies at the core of creativity and innovation.”-Dr. Stuart Brown, Play

We’re all born creative. Unfortunately, there’s a notion that as we grow up (or grow older, like in the 3rd grade) there’s no time for dreaming, tinkering and playing. We need creativity more now than ever…So, make way for play today!

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